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Feet Together, and relax…

I had my smear test this week. “Put your feet together and relax your legs out,” Why do they say that when your left leg hits the wall as the bed is always butted up against a wall? Always a joy. It used to be appropriately straightforward. Back when I was first called up for… More


I was making meatball madness the other day in the slow cooker. I’d tasted the sauce and it needed some salt. I couldn’t find any in the spice cupboard next to the cooker hob. We have pinch pots on our dining table for salt and pepper, with twisty tops. As I entered the living room,… More

Hunt the Patch

I’ve been fiddling around with my HRT, finding the right combo. I’m not under any illusion this won’t happen again, but this particular combo involves patches. Easy. Well, easy for some, not so much for me. I’m larger than your average, with folds and flaps and BOOBS. The patches the doc prescribed are teeny tiny,… More

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